The only bank that receives documents, PAYS and launch in your ERP, but only after validating for tax purposes and accounting.


Routine is no longer your problem! With powerful machine learning the manual work of inputs and data checks is up to the A.I.


No more doubts about the assertiveness of an input, the A.I. takes care of your company's data, avoiding fraud and inconsistencies.


Having a scalable and safe operation is important, and with ROIT BANK it really is! We deliver time optimization and traceability.

Let the Smart Flow do it for you

An exclusive ROIT BANK flow. The Smart Flow receives your company's incoming documents and performs the tax analysis,
accounting entry and payment. Everything automatic and with Artificial Intelligence, right in your ERP.

Documents’ entry

All documents in one place! We centralize all incoming company documents, via email, upload or direct search at source. Automatic searches of taken Services’ Invoices and download of merchandise XMLs too!


At this stage, documents, whether in image or file, are recognized and classified by the A.I. There are 32 types of documents, 17 types of contracts!


Extraction and structuring of data from documents, using A.I. and Natural Language Processing. Everything on the Smart Flow, no more typing!


Human Interaction for inserting missing data in the document, and enriching information from external databases. We checked the situation at the tax agency and more!

Link Robot

Here, matches are made between documents based on data extracted and structured by A.I. For this, several linkage rules are applied, all based on correlation and causality.

Tax Robot

Checking of withholdings and taxation on tax documents. With three historical basis for comparison, the A.I. training is more and more complete, and the document is sent to the ERP with the correct data!

Accounting Robot

Automatic launch of credits and debits, directly in the ERP! With the Chart of Accounts already defined in onboarding, and Artificial Intelligence applied, human effort is minimal and only for new scenarios.

Financial Robot

Reliable and centralized accounts payable, from consumption invoices to tax guides. Pay only what is correct, without worrying about deadlines and lack of documents. The Smart Flow has already solved everything!


Data is easily integrated into the ERP and without human effort. We know that reviewing before submitting can be boring and not at all efficient, our APIs do it for you.

Leave the complex and questionable manual launch, for a simple and intelligent process. Forget doubts when paying!

2.1 billion

Tax Scenarios

12 million

classified and extracted
with OCR and A.I.

8 million

Account Ratings
human interference


For Shopping/Purchasing

Now you can focus on your purchasing strategy and no longer worry about operational activities. The Smart Flow does everything for you and directly in the ERP. If you need it, ROIT BANK will do it!

For Accounting and Tax

Manual entries, accounting reprocessing and reconciliations are no longer part of the process. More time for strategies with tax scenarios validated by AI.

For Accounts Payable

Have you ever imagined all the accounts in one place? Depending on so many “issuers” to receive documents is not easy. Accounts payable receives everything accounted for, with correct rates and retention.

For the Supplier

Relate with your supplier, as if he were your customer, but without operational costs. With a flow just for him, and everything organized. Now you can focus on what really matters.

For the CFO and the CEO

Nothing is more important than reliable and timely information. Grow up without fear! Scale your operations as much as you like using Artificial Intelligence and Robotization.

For the Auditor

You no longer need to “search” for documentation and check it in an archaic way. Everything that goes to the ERP is in the ROIT BANK, with the traceability kits ready to be consulted.

Innovate with Intelligence.
That's what these companies have already done

Automation of Accounting and Tax processes with ROIT BANK's Artificial Intelligence

142 Human Tasks with 32 types of documents related to their acquisitions are processed by our Artificial Intelligence Robots.

  • Search for documents in external databases.
  • Reading and extracting data from image documents.
  • Tax analysis of tax documents with scenarios raised by the A.I.
  • Account Classification with A.I.

Features that make a difference!

Know exactly what happens on your Magic Mat! The indicators are all here, from the quantity processed to the number of suppliers. One click and the differences are here! Know immediately what does not match, what is not consistent and needs to be corrected or improved in the operation. The effort is ours, and the result of automation is yours. Completely customize ROIT BANK to your company's reality and needs. We reconcile/conciliate for you! Bank statements, credit card abundance and extraction of financial applications. Our A.I. takes care of each line, without leaving information and documents lost on the Smart Flow. Managing taxes and contributions is not an easy task, and sometimes there is not even time to analyze what is actually being paid... here we show the reality, and your tax intelligence can discuss ways of optimizing. A Smart Flow only for the supplier! It looks like a dream, right? But we did and now all the documents are in one place. Delight your supplier, and strengthen the company's connections! One click and the differences are here! Know immediately what does not match, what is not consistent and needs to be corrected or improved in the operation.

ROIT BANK is integrated with the main ERPs in the Market

The integration with ROIT BANK is like all its functionalities, simple and efficient. We already know the necessary data. Let us take you there! Intelligence for your ERP.

ROIT BANK in the media

ROIT BANK in the media