Imagem que representa a ROIT, uma accountech que utiliza inteligência artificial para entregar soluções integradas.

We were launched as a tax consulting and PREMIUM ACCOUNTINGcompany, highly specialized in the Lucro Real tax regimen, in a year of crisis (January 2016), but certain that we could practice a superior price if we delivered much better results than the benchmark. And it worked! We have had an exponential growth and nowadays we are almost 200 ROITER’s, with more than 300 clients in our portfolio.

Our innovative and enthusiastic DNA, added to uncountable challenges regarding both operational and human matters which we have been facing in the accounting field for so long, have guided our path towards technology. Not only regarding its usage but also on building a brand new process, which had been previously an utopian matter, has turned into reality thanks to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE which has been developed by our team of ninjas experts, in search of turning the accounting, tax and financial procedures into a totally integrated network, requiring the least possible number of people to take part on those referred proceedings.

For all we have been building, nowadays we present ourselves as an ACCOUNTECH that develop and offer the market technological solutions that did not exist back in the days, and that we are all certain it is about to launch an INTELLIGENT REVOLUTION within the companies which have been longing to evolute and reach surprising and unprecedented results!

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Our offices

Sede ROIT Innovation


Rua Simão Bolivar, 1344

Alto da Glória - Curitiba | PR

CEP 80040-140

Sede ROIT São Paulo - Distrito Fintech


Av. Rebouças, 1585

Pinheiros - São Paulo | SP

CEP 05401-200


Imagem que representa o recrutramento para fazer parte da equipe e ser um ROITER!

If you are driven both by challenges and an inner will for improving yourself even further, be a successful ROITER and join our team to help us to revolutionize the world of accounting!

Come with us and be part of a high performance team, formed by professionals from the most varied backgrounds such as tax accountants, tax analysts, tax experts, economists, managers and software developers, who work under an integrated and strategic flow in order to assure our clients a delivery based on high return standards.

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