We are a company that develops and provides accounting and tax technologies and services. Committed to SMART TRANSFORMATION within companies, made possible by our team of highly qualified professionals (our Human Intelligence) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)! Born in 2016 as a Premium Accounting office, we grew exponentially and all our challenges were turned into opportunities, always with the technology and expertise as allies. That is how we realized the indispensable intelligent integration between accounting, tax department and the bank, to optimize processes, bring more reliability and develop a strategy.

ROIT BANK is the only Fintech for Medium and Large Enterprises, offering accounting, tax auditing of entries in real time and payments on the platform itself, with Artificial Intelligence and integration with the largest ERPs in the market. The Smart Flow brings a simplified flow, where the AI does all the heavy lifting and Human Intelligence takes care of exceptions and focuses on strategy!

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Intelligent transformation is our Mission. We believe and work to provide strategy to companies, focusing on robotizing manual processes, applying Artificial Intelligence to data and valuing Human Intelligence!

Our History


We were born out of the market's demand for specialist accounting in Real Profit. Focused on results and strategy, ROIT grew 300% this year!


Growing more than 700% over the previous year, technological development gains speed for resolving accounting and tax challenges.


We expanded to Brasília-DF and strengthened our presence in other cities in Brazil. We already had more than 70 specialists this year.


With offices in São Paulo and Silicon Valley, we enhance our technological development and bring ROIT BANK, the Intelligent Bank, to market.


An emblematic year for ROIT BANK. Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence have merged into innovative processes for companies